Things to keep in mind before going for repair

These days, as soon as our cell phone become dead or dysfunctional, we start to panic and we take them to the nearest repair shop or a company service centre without any delay. There are a few thing to be kept in mind before you decide to take your cell phone for repair.

  • Warranty: First and foremost, when your cell phone breaks down, you should check of the warranty issued by the cell phone manufacturer is still valid. If you find that the warranty period is still ongoing, then you should, without a second thought, take your phone to a company service centre as the repairing might be done for free if the technician finds the damage is not caused by any external means. And if the technicians deem the handset as beyond repair, then you might have chance of getting your handset replaced with a brand new handset of the same model.
  • Nature of damage: This is one of the most important factors to know and keep in mind before you decide to drop your phone at a company service centre if the phone is under warranty. If the damage is a manufacturing defect and not caused by any external means, then only the company service centre would repair it free of charge. If the damage is caused by some external means like a broken screen or water logging, then regardless of your phone having an ongoing warranty period, the service centre will charge you for the repair. And if your phone has suffered an external damage which is beyond repair and your phone is under warranty, still you will have to buy a new phone. The company service centre will not replace you r phone with a new one for free.
  • Process of mobile phone repairChoosing the right repair centre:Taking your phone to a company repair centre if your phone has suffered some external damage or if your phone is no longer under warranty is not beneficial. More so, if the company service centre is not near your location. And it is often found that a company service centre charges more for a repair job than most of the independent repair centres. So it is wiser and economically more feasible to take your phone to an independent service centre in this case.
  • Cost: Another very important factor is the cost. Different repair shops might charge differently. Company service centres often charge more than the independent repair centres. So it is entirely up to the customer to decide which service centre would best comply with his or her budget and which would be convenient enough to drop the phone for repair and pick it up from their without any hassle or without having to travel a long distance because of that.
  • The important decision: In the end, there is the all-important decision that a cell phone user needs to make. After analysing your damaged and broken down or dead phone, the repair centre will give you an estimate about the cost of repairing. If u find that cost nearly reaches up to the original price of the phone or if it is too high, the repair job might not be worth it and instead, you can always opt for buying a new phone instead of repairing your old one.

Some common problems of cell phone which need repairs

In this article, we shall look upon some of the major issue or reasons among many, due to which a cell phone might require repairing.

  • Water Logging: one of the most common problems which cause the death of a cell phone is water logging inside the phone. Since the begging of cell phone usage, water has been the most potent enemy of the cell phone. There are many unusual and weird causes of water logging which may be accidental or due to the carelessness of the user or both. Cell phones get dropped into the Smart phone and under construction signswimming pool or into the toilet. These are the most common causes of water logging inside a cell phone. As per some of the samsung cell phone repair technicians, only water doesn’t get logged into the phones all the time. Other liquid such as vinegar, beer, coffee and tea also gets spilled on cell phones many a time. All these liquids cause corrosion to the electronic and metal parts of a cell phone. As soon as the cell phone gets dropped in a bucket of water or the toilet, you must immediately pick the phone up. Keeping the phone submerged in water for longer periods may result in the phone being permanently damaged.
  • Phone Hanging: The problem of a phone hanging can be attributed as more of a software problem than a hardware problem. Many a time, your cell phone freezes in the middle of some important work. Cell phone user attribute the problem of a cell phone hanging as the most annoying issue faced by them. This problem is very common in today’s world where cell phones are extensively used. There are quite a few explanations and reasons as to why a cell phone freezes suddenly. Over heating or a slow processor are two of the reasons. Other reasons include a low physical memory, too much cache files or junk files. Most of the customers coming to the mobile repair centres to fix their phones come with this issue of a freezing cell phone.
  • Broken Screen: A broken or damaged screen is one of the most common problems which bogs our usage of cell phones all of a sudden. There are many circumstances due to which the screen of a cell phone may get broken. Cell phone screens may break if you accidentally drop your phone on a hard surface. Like water logging, broken screens are also caused by some unusual and weird reasons. Sometimes, cell phones get hurled during arguments and fights, cell phone are attempted to be used as bottle openers, cell phones accidentally come under the tyre of a car and cell phones are sometimes even used as hammers to level out nails and are sometimes dropped from the 4th storey of a building. These reasons for broken screens may seem too farfetched but these are actually surveyed across various repair shops and have been testified by the technicians.

Cell phone repair and resell – overview

The need to repair

In today’s world, can you imagine living without cell phones for a single day? Can any of us imagine that? The answer is always a ‘no’. If we are asked about how did we live our lives without cell phones about a decade and a half ago, we wouldn’t be able to answer. The impact of cell phones in our live has been phenomenal. The last decade has seen exponential growth in cell phone usage among the common people. In the modern times, the introduction of smartphones has made our lives even easier. The use of alarm clocks, calendars, music players have lost popularity as the versatile and multipurpose smartphones can do all of these tasks with ease. We have integrated cell phones in our day to day lives so much so that living a single day without our cell phones becomes panicky. We can do most of our daily essential work with our cell phones like bill payments, online money transfer, booking rail and air tickets, writing blogs, surfing the internet, updating our social media profiles, capturing memories on the camera, being informed about the weather, having video conferences, watching movies, contacting people and the list goes on. Basically, we have become dependent on our cello phones like never before. So when a cell phone breaks down or malfunctions, it needs to be addressed as soon as possible and fixed or repaired without delay. If the damage or problem persists or if it is beyond repair, there is a need to purchase a new phone.Cellphone And Tools With Text Smartphone Repair

The need to resell

Mobile phones are evolving year in and year out. So there is a constant need and urge to upgrade our phones to the latest versions. While many want to buy new phones, there arises the need to sell their old cell phones. The selling of an old and used phone to another customer is known as reselling. Nowadays, there are mane online reselling platforms where you can post free ads about your old phone and customers looking to buy old phones might get attracted to your advertise and contact you to buy your old phone. There are various companies too where you can sell your old phone and they will refurbish the phone and sell it to another customer who might be looking for the exact model you have sold.

Where to repair?

What we need to remember is that cell phones are electronic devices. A cell phone might become dead, get damaged or broken and stop functioning either partially or completely due to many reasons. If some internal or external parts are damaged beyond repair, then they need to be replaced with new ones. To address this demand of repairing cell phones, the cell phones companies have set up a large network of service centres at strategic locations to cater to need of the customers to repair their dysfunctional cell phones. Apart from the cell phone manufacturing companies who have set up numerous service centres, there are many independent cell repairing and service centres that serve the customers with repair jobs.